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Field of Dreams-Lady Claire
Marek and Claire


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Marek and Claires relationship in Timeline:

Marek is the best friend of Chris (The main character) they go back in time with their other friends to bring back their professor (the father of Chris) who is stuck in 1300 France. Marek is separated from others almost as soon as they arrive. He is forced ot hide with a young French woman, he saves her life and then finds his way back to his friends. They are captured by Lord Oliver (the leader of the English). Marek looks out his prisons window to see Lord Oliver and his men talking ot the young French girl, Oliver slaps her and she slaps him backing, she hits a few times before Olivers men restrain her. They keep her captive in a nearby shack. When Chris, Marek and the others escape Marek leaves them to free the French girl, he then finds out that she is Lady Claire (the sister of Lord Arnaut).

He hands her over to the French for safe keeping hoping that she will not be hung in the future. They share their first kiss and Marek leaves to rejoin his friends. Marek and his friends are captured again and are kept in Lord Olivers castle because they promise to show him Greek Fire. Somehow Oliver has again caught Lady Claire and prepares to hang her from the castle wall as scenery for the French. Marek makes a brave stand against Oliver and his men. With only a torch and a shield Marek threatens to destroy Olivers arsenal, Marek demands Claires release. He is challenged by one of Olivers strongest men as a huge battle betweeb the English and French begins to take place inside Olivers castle. After a sometime Marek defeats his foe and successfully rescues Claire. She leaps into his arms and they kiss once more. Marek decides to stay and ive with Claire in 1300 France, he tells Chris to say goodbye for him and Chris replies with: Im gonna miss you Marek!

Back in normal time Chris and the others find a message from the past, it Is from Marek and Claire describing how Marek misses his friends but has chosen a wonderfull life with Lady Claire and that the couple are very happy together.